Does it feel like the entire world is conspiring against you? It’s time to transform your thinking into pronia. Pronia is the mental state in which you feel like the world is conspiring to assist you. Here are a couple of exercises to guide you to optimism.

  • Get out a pen and piece of paper. Write down five positive questions. Some examples to get you started are as follows: What am I grateful for? How can I have fun today? How can I show love? How can I make someone else’s day better? How can I serve others?
  • Keep the list of questions next to your bed. Read them first thing in the morning when you get up and the last thing at night before you go to sleep.
  • Next, write down three words to describe your ideal self. These are words that express who you want to be. They can be anything upbeat. Some examples are bright, smart and beautiful.
  • If you can, program your phone alarm to go off three times per day and read the words. The most important time to review them is before you go to sleep. We have a habit of running through our daily negatives at night-time. Feed your brain positives instead.

As you start to focus on encouraging things, you give your mind the capacity to grow and change. In spite of life’s challenges, we can keep a healthy mindset. It’s not always easy, but a little positivity goes a long way.

These questions are from Brenden Burchard’s video titled How to Reprogram you Mind. Check it out to get additional tips about positive thinking.

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